Handcrafted by you

Learn how to make well-designed objects
out of leather, denim, paper and concrete.

You made that?


Ever seen a beautifully designed
lamp in a shop and thought,
“I could probably make that”, but
you’ve never gotten around to it?


Or have you ever been jealous of
someone’s hand-crafted tote bag,
but you have no idea where
to begin?


What about that time when
you watched someone creating
something with their own hands

and wanted to try it for yourself?

Our workshops will inspire your creativity, get you working with your hands and you'll go home with a high quality, unique object to be proud of.

How it all began

Inspired by another group of men in the U.S. who came together to create beautiful, hand-made objects such as tote bags, wooden sculptures and more, Melañio decided to try the same thing with his closest friends. Determined to make this a time set aside from our usual daily, busy lives, he & Joe found a cozy, rustic house in the countryside and invited ten of us for a weekend away to cook, create, laugh and relax. They organized several crafts that first weekend — unique totes made from denim, reused leather belts and rivets, leather key holders and folded paper lamps. Not all of us were crafters, but each of us brought our particular skills and inspiration to the communal table. Working together, getting lost in the flow of creating things with our own hands, talking, laughing and sharing an experience — it was fantastic.

Over the next years we repeated the experience, each time with different crafts and in new stunning locations. After each of these creative weekends, we were struck by how many of our friends, acquaintances and colleagues commented either on our creations or the idea itself saying such things as “I love that bag, you made it?” or “I want to come along next time!”. So, we decided to make this special event available to others. We want to share our creativity, dedication to beauty and quality, knowledge of special, lovely locations, passion for cooking and creating community with others.

Will you join us?

Meet the team

Melanio Gomez

Melañio Gomez

Melañio studied graphic design and is a prop & set stylist for commercial photography. Before that, he worked as a product designer, art director, and magazine editor. He is inspired by how things are designed and made.

Joe Ingenito

Joe Ingenito

Joe is a landscape architect who runs his own business in Brussels. He enjoys reusing and repurposing everyday objects to make useful items.

Miles Madison

Miles Madison

Miles is a primary school teacher and teacher trainer who finds joy in seeing people of all ages learn new skills. While not considering himself the most crafty person, he loves a good challenge.

Clinton Stringer

Clinton Stringer

Clinton is a graphic designer and contemporary dancer, obsessed with paper folding and stop motion animation. Cooking calms him down.

Come away with us

Escape from your everyday routine. Our workshops are held in a beautiful setting surrounded by inspiring people and all the tools & materials you need. These weekends away offer the chance to connect with others, enjoying delicious food in a rustic location specifically chosen by our team.

Next retreat: 23-25 Sept 2016
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Some of our Mannkrafted objects

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